Why the My Rewards IPO offers compelling value for investors

A recent article feature by Stockhead discussed our IPO and the value we can bring to investor. David Vinson, our Chairman, spoke with the group and touched on our market footprint, strong foundation, and goals for scaling up. The article quotes,

“We’re on track to launch our retail B2C platform, leverage our market position and data analytics to build out an AI — essentially everything we flagged in the prospectus, there’s no change.”

So far we’ve raised $5m from investors at 20c per share and are on track to grow significantly on the market.

Read the full Stockhead article here.

About My Rewards

We’re a fast-growing global provider of rewards, recognition, and loyalty programs for corporate clients and direct consumers. Since our inception in 2000, we’ve expanded to provide over 4.6 million members with digital access to thousands of national and international suppliers. Our corporate program allows organisations to implement Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty Programs to help them retain, engage, and attract employees or customers. Our clients include some of the biggest household names in Australia, including Telstra, Ramsay Health, MLC, and AIG.

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